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'in motion' with works of:

Anneke Klein Kranenbarg (NL)
Gerhard Frömel (A)
Sabine Richter (D)

From September 3rd until October 1st 2011 exhibit
in gallery 9 at Keizersgracht 552 in Amsterdam (The Netherlands). A Dutch woman, an Austrian man and a German woman who actually speak all exactly the same language though using different materials and techniques. An exhibition in which as well the resemblances as the differences are fascinating.
In this exhibition both two and three dimensional works are presented.

Anneke Klein Kranenbarg,
collectionnumber 720 from series 'kantelingen', 2010,
semi-transparant plexiglass, thread, 50 x 50 x 0,3 cm

The work of Anneke Klein Kranenbarg
Anneke Klein Kranenbarg unites apparent contrasts in her work. the connection between two and three dimensionality, simplicity and complexity evokes a special visual excitement. It is in particular the connection between contrasts that fascinates her and that she expresses in her (serial) work. In her constructions she investigates basic shapes, often a cubic or rectangle. She extracts the parts from a compilation and arranges with those parts a new construction, a new shape. The material she uses to achieve this are two transparant
plexiglass plates mounted in a blank wooden profile and black threads. She tightens the threads as well up the plate at the frontside, as up the plate at the backside and in the space in between. When the spectator moves along her work, the work seems to change. Lines and surfaces slide one over the other. The work sometimes appears to be two dimensional, sometimes three dimensional. In the drawings with black thread through semi-transparant plexiglass the three dimensional element is reduced to a few millimetres. Hereby in forming the final picture the light and schadow definite the spatial aspect.

Anneke Klein Kranenbarg
Born in 1961 in Krommenie (The Netherlands).
Lives and works in Zaandam (The Netherlands).
Autodidact. Since 1987 working as an independant visual artist.
Solo and group exhibitions in the Netherlands amongst others in Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Bergen-NH, Drachten, Egmond aan Zee, Enschede, Fijnaart, Groningen, 's-Hertogenbosch, Lochem, Zaandam. In foreign countries amongst others in Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Russia.
gallery 9 presented work of Anneke Klein Kranenbarg before in exhibitions in 2006 and 2008 and in the Summer exhibitions
in 2009, 2010 and 2011 in the gallery, at art fairs such as Kunst RAI in 2005 and Art Amsterdam in 2009 in Amsterdam, the Affordable Art Fair 2010 in Amsterdam, and Artantique in 2010 and 2011 in the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.
Her work is represented in art collections of museums, private collections, public collections and art collections of

The work of Gerhard Frömel
The three dimensional objects and installations of Gerhard Frömel consist of separate components, always modelled by two and often also more planes. By changing positions the viewer can evoke optical shifts, separations and connections of planes or linear elements. In this way experiencing a multiple of shapes and illusionary spaces and varieties between two and three dimensional sensations.
Such experiences one also can have when consiously going through a city or a landscape. Every step brings about an optical change: individual buildings blend and are reduced to a front wall. Different architecture and landscape styles evidently united alltogether. Mountains show an other face... already the most miniscule step - physical and psychical - can change the view on the world enormously. It is what becomes...

Gerhard Frömel
Born in 1941 in Grieskirchen (Austria).
Lives and works in Wolfsegg am Hausruck and Hallein-Rehhof (Austria).
Applied arts under Prof. Erich Buchegger, Kunstschule Linz (Austria).
1975-2003 Teacher at The Academy of Art and Industrial Design and Art University in Linz (Austria).
Sinds 1975 engaged in constructive/conceptionel art.
Solo and group exhibitions since 1979 in Austria, France, Germany, Israel, Japan, The Netherlands, Poland, Slowakia, The United States of America and Switzerland.
gallery 9 presents his work now for the first time in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
His work is represented in private and public art collections.

The work of Sabine Richter
Sabine Richter takes photographs of architectonical structures. Caused by her choice of fragments, perspectives, play of light or reflections, without any processing afterwards, images arise of a gliding between the reality and the imaginary.

Sabine Richter
Born in 1959 in Coburg (Germany).
Lives and works in Nuremberg (Germany).
1980-1986 Studium Bildhauerei und Kunsterziehung an der Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg.
1989-2007 Lehrauftrag an der Universität Würzburg Fachbereich Kunsterziehung.
1989-2007 Georg-Simon-Ohm Fachhochschule Nürnberg, Fakultät Architektur.
Several awards and stipendiums.
Solo en group exhibitions in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
gallery 9 presents her work now for the first time in Amsterdam (The Netherlands).
Her work is represented in private and public art collections.

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