The close connection between simplicity and complexity.  

Looking is so basic and visual observation  is so obvious and natural, that one is unaware of it. Anneke Klein Kranenbarg wants to emphasize this looking, the way we can observe.

Her constructions are investigations of mathematical shapes, often cube and eleven parallel lines 
She takes the shapes apart, and with the different elements she creates new structures, new shapes.

The materials she uses for this are two transparent sheets of plexiglas, set in a frame of natural wood, and black nylon thread. She stretches the  nylon threads on the sheets at the front and the back as well as in the space between the two.

When the spectator moves along the object, the construction seems to change, lines and fields are sliding over each other, at times it seems two dimensional, then again three dimensional.
Anneke Klein Kranenbarg unites seemingly contrasts in her art. The connection between two and three dimensionality, simplicity and complexity, creates a visual tension. It is the connection between the contrasts that interests her and that she visualizes in her work.

In the drawings “white on white” and “black through opal plexiglas” the three dimensional element is reduced to a few millimeters. Here light and shadow determine the spatial aspect of the image.

Monique Groot, art historian