supremadism moscow (rus) <<<

Homage to the masters of Russian Constructivism

International art festival and exhibition series
Moscow, May 10 to June 22, 2006 Between May 10 and June 22, 2006,

the International Mobile MADI Museum Foundation,
based in Hungary, organizes“supreMADIsm”:

Homage to the masters of Russian Constructivism,
an international art festival and related exhibitions in Moscow.

The history of geometric art spanned the entire 20th century,
beginning with early suprematism and continuing through MADI,
the contemporary geometric art movement
that manifested itself 60 years ago and is actively present even today.

The supreMADIsm Festival leads the fully matured and almost classicized
geometrical tendencies (Suprematism, Neo-Plasticism,
Russian Constructivism, Art Concret, Kinetism, and MADI)
back to their common cradle, Moscow.
In addition to paying homage to the masters of Constructivism,

the festival will chiefly aim further to enhance cultural exchange contacts,
with special regard to the invitation extended to Russian creative artists
to contribute to the public collection of the Hungarian Mobile MADI Museum. They will also be expected to join the international MADI movement, which commemorates the 60th anniversary of its inauguration in 2006.
“… memory alone is in the position to make the meaning and depth of a happening manifest to us, for we need a certain point of view and certain distancing in order to decipher the message intended for us.” (P. Henri Boulad)
Through homage and commemoration, PAST finds its way into the heart of the PRESENT today – while the cells of the FUTURE stem from the present. The  “supreMADIsm” art festival intends to encourage this intellectual process, record it, and make it part of art history in Moscow.

Conception and main organizer
International Mobile MADI Museum Foundation, Budapest
Zsuzsa Dárdai, János Saxon-Szász (founding curators)
Symmetry Seminar of the International Symmetry Association, Moscow/Budapest
György Darvas, Sergei V. Petoukhov (curators)

Participant institutions
NCCA National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow
Leonid Bazhanov (director), Vitaly Patsukov (curator)
Hungarian Cultural, Academic and Information Centre Moscow – Ilona Kiss (director), Sándor Koszlov (curator)
Sites for festival events and exhibitions
Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art (Moszkva, Petrovka 25.)
NCCA National Centre for Contemporary Arts (Moscow, ul. Zoologicheskaya 13)
Hungarian Cultural, Academic and Information Centre Moscow, (Moscow, ul. Povarskaya 21)
The tomb of Kazimir Malevich (Nemchinovka in the vicinity of Moscow)

The main patrons to open the Festival:
András Bozóki (minister of Cultural Heritage, Republic of Hungary), Alexander S. Sokolov (minister of Culture and Mass Communication, Russian Federation) Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the Festival supreMADIsm 2006: K.V. Frolov, member of the Societal Chamber of the president of the Russian Federation, chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Festival supreMADIsm
Main sponsors
Ministry of Hungarian Cultural Heritage, UNESCO PRELIMINARY SCHEDULE
Exhibition design and setup: János Saxon-Szász (H)
Mobile MADI Museum:
Brasil: Joáo Carlos Galváo, José Guedes, Jaildo Marinho,
Belgium: Gilbert Decock, Jean Claude Faucon, Monique François, Pal Horváth, Antonia Lambelé, Renée Rohr, Marika Száraz, Nacha Timer
France: Jean Philippe Baudry, Charles Bézie, Dominique Binet, Gael Bourmaud, Jean Branchet, Lex Caral, François Decq, Joël Froment, Josée Lapeyrère, Judith Nem’s, Isabelle Prade, Roger Neyrat, Claude Pasquer, André Stempfel, Didier Stephant, Philippe Vacher
Germany: Martin Blaszko, Antal Lux, Rezső Somfai
Hungary: Dai, Dániel Erdély, Éva Mária Bányász, István Ézsiás, János Fajó, Tamás F. Farkas, György (Gall) Galgóczy, István Haász, István Haraszty, László Herczegh, Katalin Hetey, Anna Horváth, László Horváth, Attila Joláthy, András Kludovác, Tamás Konok, Tamás László Kovács, Ákos Matzon, Tamás Trombitás, János Saxon-Szász
Japan: Mitsouko Mori, Sato Satoru, Poirot-Matsuda
Italy: Ira Bernardini, Angelo Giuseppe Bertolio, Saverio Cecere, Elisabetta Cornolo, Franco Cortese, Elena Fia-Fozzer, Mirella Forlivesi, Reale F. Frangi, Alberto Lombardi, Aldo Fulchignoni, Gino Luggi, Vincenzo Mascia, Renato Milo, Giovanni Morello, Gianfranco Nicolato, Giancarlo Caporicci, Antonio Perottelli, Lorenzo Piemonti, Marta Pilone, Gaetano Pinna, Salvador Presta, Giuseppe Rosa, Rino Sernaglia, Piergiorgio Zangara
The Netherlands: Roland de Jong Orlando, Anneke Klein Kranenbarg, André van Lier
Poland: Ania Borzobohaty, Piotr Iwicki, Marek Radke
Russia: Alexander Pankin, Vyacheslav Koleychuk...
Sveden: Carl Magnus, Fagerlund Mikael, Torsten Ridell
Slovakia: Eduard Antal, Marian Drugda, Viktor Hulík, Milan Dobes, Ádám Szentpéteri
Uruguay: Carmelo Arden Quin, Bolívar , Volf Roitman
USA: Oskar D’Amico, Betty Gold, John Arden Hiigli, Arturo Usner
Venezuela: Octavio Herrera, Luis Mille, René Ugarte, William Barbosa

Reception: Constructivist dinner service for guests and participants
Location: Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art
Time: 8.00pm
Guests greeted by Alexander Sokolov, minister of culture, Russia; András Bozóki, minister of culture, Hungary (under negotiation)
International Mobile MADI Museum Foundation
Dárdai Zsuzsa founding curator
H-1034 Budapest, Tímár u. 17.
Tel./Fax: 387 57 90, Mobile: 30 524 1305