About Transparent Quintet  

and to see are at the center in the works of Anneke Klein Kranenbarg
Her works makes the observer look, look closer and finally see.
What at first glance looks as a known shape appears to be something else.

Her work forces you to let go of assumed expectations and brings you to the experience of the real seeing.
The same applies to the card game Transparent Quintet.The game is played with shapes, surfaces, lines and colors. At every turn, the shapes in your hand change and can become unexpectedly spacious.
At every turn a new image in the palm of your hand. An adventurous game for young and old.

Monique Groot, kunsthistoricus lecturer in Philosophy and Classical Cultural Education in 2013

Dear friends I am grateful .. that you also have made this production possible.

Hans Drieman, Edwin Biersteker, Monique Groot, Colette Noel, Kati Varkevisser en Jaqueline Rutte

Thanks Museum der Wahrnehmung in Graz Austria

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