Rules Transparent Quintet  


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Age: 4 +

Number of players: 2 - 4

Aim: collect as many complete sets as possible.

Preparation: All players get 6 cards. The rest of the cards are placed in the box.

Game: The youngest player begins. When it is your turn, you ask another player a card you are missing. This must be a card from a set of which you already have 1 or more cards in your hand. Name the color or shape of the set and the number you are looking for. You find the numbers at the right bottom of the card. If the other player has that card, he must hand it over to you and you may ask again. This can be to the same or to another player. If you have completed a set of 5 cards, you place them in front of you on the table. If the other player does not have the card you asked for, you take a card from the box and your turn ends. The player to whom you asked the last time now takes his turn. The game ends when all the sets are completed.

Much fun and good luck !

Together with the 4 other cards
with the same symbol,
you get a shape of
different fields
and colors with depth.
The game consists of 40 transparent
cards in 8 sets of 5 cards.
The card with 1 symbol at bottom
right is the card with the main shape,
for instance a square or a triangle.